¡Viva Las Vegas!

It seems slightly unfair that Texas has cornered the market on the ‘everything’s bigger…’ catchphrase; Las Vegas puts up some stiff competition.

I disappeared there for a long weekend to celebrate my dear friend Michelle’s bachelorette party and what a lovely break from reality it was! I more or less showed up at the airport with no expectations and was pleasantly surprised by the entire trip. Vegas may not be known for its sophisticated taste (or any taste…) but I found bits of inspiring patterns throughout.

Eric and Lina

Sad to see me go.

MGM Grand Lobby Ceiling

A fairly elaborate attempt to spice up the world’s least sexy object (acoustical tiles).

MGM Grand

One of the views from our hotel room.

Night Lights

The view from the ghostbar on Friday night.

Bar Feature

A blinking light show above and behind the bar at Moon.

Dale Chihuly Art Installation

A quick peek into the Bellagio Hotel/Casino/Resort/Small Town.

Paris Balloon

The view from our dinner at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant.