Here and there

Downtown Austin

Downtown Austin From the pedestrian bridge over Lady Bird Lake

A short list of the parts of Austin I loved the most and will miss as we get settled in our new city.

Things I Will Miss About Austin

Small businesses

My work commute, which was 2.4 miles, took me directly by 5 (in.gredients, El Chilito, Thunderbird, Wet Whistle, East Village Café) places to stop and get a cup of coffee and none of them were Starbucks (not that I drink coffee, but still…). The nearest Wal-Mart was 5.1 miles away, meaning 60% of the US lives closer to a Wal-Mart than I did (The Weight of Walmart Infographic). Also, in.gredients, the world’s first package-free micro grocer opened its doors right across from my old apartment. Austin loves its small and locally-owned businesses, and so do I.

Greenery and the City

Between the river/lake that cuts through the middle of town and all the greenbelts and parks, there is never a shortage of outdoorsy activities and it really makes the city feel alive. The best of both worlds, in my opinion.

My work

I had a really great work environment, with lovely people, which allowed me a great deal of creative freedom and control. That was awesome. And there was lots of delicious interior Mexican food. I’m very excited to have the opportunity to continue doing remote, part time work for the restaurants.

Friends and being close to family

California is pretty far west, apparently.

Things I Will Not Miss About Austin

The extreme heat

Though this past summer comparably mild, which I appreciate, I’m pretty pumped about the change of pace that a peninsula shrouded in fog will offer.

Things Eric will Miss About Austin

Texas cowboys mixed with liberal hippies

Such a unique culture that I don’t think any other place can come close to touching.