On Having Enough

The past few weeks, settling in with Eric’s family in San Jose, have been an interesting experience. We have a very comfortable room, with our own refrigerator and closet, and as we adapt to the space we have, my notions of what is necessary, or even ‘nice to have’ are shifting around.

Somehow, though we used to fill a typical US-sized refrigerator every week, we are able to fit all our groceries comfortably inside a more European-sized unit. And though I could easily fill the closet of my previous apartment (which was roughly the size of a twin bed), I am perfectly content with enough clothing that requires no more than 20 hangers.

I’ve long identified with the ethos ‘quality over quantity’ but this new perspective/life style is really driving home just how much stuff I’ve been holding onto, needlessly. And even after the great pre-move purge! I think about the weight of the many clothes that I haven’t worn in recent memory; the clothes I hold onto for that ‘you just never know’ moment where I might suddenly need a blouse I would never dare wear under ‘normal’ circumstances. But is the space, the physical burden, of that shirt worth the convenience of potentially having it available for some unforeseeable occasion? I admit that I’m mildly excited to

  1. 1) find a proper SF job
  2. 2) find what will surely be a tiny apartment we can afford
  3. 3) unpack our storage unit

so that I can properly declare my independence from even more belongings.

So, in summation, I feel like a coming-of-age minimalist. I find myself gravitating more and more toward efficiency and functionality, particularly when those traits are achieved through graceful means. And that tends to result in a beautiful outcome.

Also, in what may seem at first unrelated (but I don’t believe it is), Eric and I have picked up a decent routine of visiting the nearby park daily, alternating between running the trail and completing the parcourse. I absolutely love it; the park offers a much needed break from lots of computer time and I can’t get over the beauty of a free, easily accessible exercise program. I use it and think (this is mildly weird), ‘check out government in action, providing beneficial services to all’.

To me, these are the little things that lead to a fully and happy life.