Week 1: Mt. Davidson

City hiding behind the trees

Our first hike of 2014 was close to home. In fact, we can see the cross-topped peak of Mt. Davidson from our apartment. Strangely, we’ve lived in San Francisco for over a year now and I never knew much about it.

Quick facts: it’s the tallest point in San Francisco (even taller than the more well-known Twin Peaks) and one of the original 7 hills of the city. The 103′ tall cement cross has been built and re-built 4 times over the years, and after enough griping, the land it rests on was sold by the city to the highest bidder, in order to separate church and state. Now, an Armenian group in SF maintains the land and the cross as a memorial.

The cross

The hike is fast and easy. We took several gratuitous detours down (and up) side paths, and even so, barely eked out a 40-minute hike.

There is a landing east of the cross that looks out over the city, with Twin Peaks visible to the north (blocking the Golden Gate Bridge). The views throughout the hike are decent, with the ocean, Sutro Tower, and the cross itself slipping in and out of view.

The city

The trail was fairly active with people, though no bikes, which is nice. Lina had a fantastic time. The vegetation was diverse; parts of the hike reminded me of Mt. Sutro Forest, a similar neighborhood trail. The views are better here, but Sutro Forest is near The Ice Cream Bar on Cole Street, so it’s a tough choice between the two. 😉

Outline of trail hiked

The trailhead we started at

The trailhead we started at.

Lina says Hurry Up

Hurry up!

Eric inspecting the plants

Eric inspecting