Week 2: Briones Regional Park (sort of)

Well this didn’t work out as planned. We were slated to do a 4.4 mile hike through Briones Regional Park, but the universe kept intervening. We got lost on the drive there not once, but twice, then followed that by taking the wrong turn at a fork in the road early on in the hike. By the time we realized our mistake, our hiking companions were ready to call it a day.

The park seems to be known for cows, rolling hills and wildflowers. We saw the cows, but with the immense lack of rain this area has seen over the past year or so, the landscape was pretty scraggly — so much so that Eric declared he will only hike in North Bay from now on.

I didn’t take a single photo during out 1.5 mile journey, but we picked up a roll of developed film (with photos from past hikes) on our way home, so I’ll leave some of those images here instead.

From Summer 2013, driving to the Rock Spring Trailhead in order to hike the Cataract Falls-Potrero Meadow Loop (one of the best excursions yet). We turned around and the view was spectacular. The fog on the right is over the Pacific, the water on the left is the Bay. The San Francisco skyline is visible between 2 crests.

Driving to Rock Spring Trailhead

From the Cataract Falls-Potrero Meadow Loop hike. Me (eyes closed, as always) and Nik.

Cataract Falls Potrero Meadows

From a hike in the fall with Drew.

Hike with Drew

From last weekend, at Mt. Davidson.

Mt. Davidson