Week 7: The Presidio & Andy Goldsworthy


I missed Week 6 due to about 4 days straight of rain and very grey skies. Much needed for the Bay Area, but enough to keep me off the trails. After the unexpected break, it was nice to get back out on Monday (Presidents’ Day). Nik, Drew and I (Eric had work and missed the adventure) explored the Presidio, seeking out the Andy Goldsworthy installations.

We started near the Presidio Bowling center for a quick picnic, then headed toward Wood Line, walking along Lovers’ Lane. Small shelters composed of timber dot the area surrounding Wood Line.

2014-02-17 14.34.04

Makeshift Huts

Walking the Wood Line

From there, we walked along W. Pacific Ave. to the Spire installation, enjoyed the view, then followed the Bay Area Ridge trail more or less back to our starting point. With beautiful weather, it proved to be a nice trek.