Plenty of Plums


We are the lucky keepers of a few fruit trees in the backyard of our Bernal Heights flat. The plum tree has been good incredibly good to us so far (fingers crossed the figs and pears will follow in late summer) and we’re thoroughly enjoying the harvest. Our best guess is that they are either Opal Plums or Italian Prunes. Either way, they are the ideal plum: freestone (the pit comes out easily) and just the right size for snacking with crisp but sweet flesh.

Some of my favorite ways to enjoy them, so far:

    _ sliced, over my morning granola (a loose interpretation of this recipe)
    _ upside down cake — so good! the lemon zest and almond partner so nicely with the plum.
    _ shared with friends, neighbors and coworkers: in meetings and potlucks by the basketful
    _ still to come: jam!