Farm Bounty

Squash Blossoms and Dumplings

One visit to the farm x 4 people = close to 2 week’s worth of very delicious and full meals. Our menu, so far:

Quinoa greens and squash blossom risotto; sautéed lacinato kale; stuffed zucchini boats and a lightly dressed green salad with purslane; strawberry shortcake for dessert

Potato-crusted quiche with beet and quinoa greens; risotto-stuffed fried squash blossoms; chard mashed potatoes; roasted and marinated beets; green salad

Squash tacos; refried beans and Mexican rice with peas and corn; chips and salsa

Potato, kale, and squash pizza; leftover risotto and mashed potatoes

Stir-fried beet and collard greens; black pepper baked tofu; wok potatoes; Uchi-style brussel sprouts

breakfast: beet and quinoa green omelette; potato hash; biscuit and pear jam (canned 2 weekends ago)
dinner: chard, squash, and tofu dumplings; stir-fried lake beans

lunch: chard, carrot, squash and bean stew with rosemary croutons
dinner: potato and squash torte; stewed green lentils with chard; couscous

black bean, quinoa, quinoa greens and squash tamales; refried beans; mexican rice; griddle potatoes; margaritas

squash pasta; little gems green salad

The Haul:
10 lb 5 oz fingerling potatoes
15 lb .5 oz bodega potatoes
3 lb 2 oz carrots
8 lb beets
12 lb 2.5 oz squash
1 lb 3 oz purple lake beans