Month 6: Two Serious Ladies

Two Serious Ladies

I eagerly started began Two Serious Ladies for two reasons: a) it is fictional, and I haven’t read fiction in awhile and b) it features glowing recommendations from Tennessee Williams, Truman Capote, and the like. etc. I slowly made my way through the novel by Jane Bowles in 15-minute lunch break segments.

In the end, my expectations were a bit let down. The book was okay, but not great. I understand why I should have enjoyed it–Bowles’ world features honest, nuanced characters struggling with their lives in a narrative that reflects reality, rather than the pacing of a typical novel. In theory, I should love it. But, I … didn’t. The main characters were too unappealing and foreign. Their story lines will stay with me, but they’re certainly not old friends I’ll ever need to revisit.