Week 40: Billy Goat Hill


San Francisco’s “summer” made its early Fall appearance last week, and the weather during the weekend was splendid. It begged for outdoor activities that made the most of the warm temperatures, and I happily obliged. After biking to the farmer’s market on Saturday morning, Nik, Drew, and I set out for Billy Goat Hill, in pursuit of its famous rope swings.

The hill is a little over 1 mile from our house, but it was a rather quick and pleasant walk through Noe Valley. Wearing shorts and walking through the streets of San Francisco is such a rarity, the entire experience felt a bit surreal. We made it to the hill, trekked up, enjoyed the decent views, and took our turns on the swing. I am biased, but I must say our hill was looking pretty good from this neighboring vantage point.

Not a groundbreaking “hike”, but it was a nice exploration of a part of the city I had not yet seen.