Brass Spoons with Lue

2015-02-03 08.42.42

As part of the Dashi Katachi pop up shop at Heath Ceramics, several of the artists whose work was included in the popup hosted hands-on workshops. It’s always such a lovely juxtaposition to see the final product and then learn the process behind its making. Even better, to try your own hand at the making; nothing gives a deeper sense of appreciation for the skill required.

2015-01-25 16.22.29

The workshop took place in the Heath SF Boiler Room, and it was an intimate affair of just 6 people. Lue briskly led the workshop with the help of Aya, who translated. We began by drawing and cutting out the 2D shape of our spoon on grid paper. Using it as a template, we transferred the shape to a small brass rectangle and cut that out using heavy duty shears. Lue made it look easy; I can assure you it was not. Thankfully he was generous in “cleaning” up our messy edges.

2015-01-25 16.22.19

From there, it was a simple process of using wood molds with different depressions to form the curves of the spoon and take it into three dimensions. Simple in theory, complex in practice. Watching Lue yield the spoon into his desired shape by tapping the spoon in just the right place, using just the right hammer held at just the right angle was incredible.

So glad to have pulled back the curtain and learned a bit about working with metal, and to have the chance to watch Lue in action. Such a talented man!