4 Corners Road Trip, part 2

On my second full day of the road trip, I headed first to the Antelope Slot Canyons. Despite being beautiful, because you can only enter with a guided tour group, the overall experience was only so-so. From the canyons, I headed to Monument Valley and hiked the Wildcat Trail. Again, I was lucky enough to basically have the entire trail to myself. It was such a moving experience (though the rest of the monument, which is primarily a gift shop, is quite touristy and commercialized).

2016-05-19 09.06.34

2016-05-19 09.07.08 HDR 2016-05-19 09.13.55

If you didn’t know to look for slot canyons, you’d easily miss this feature. They blend in incredibly well, and Page, AZ is not exactly a looker in and of itself.

2016-05-19 09.09.26

2016-05-19 09.48.37 2016-05-19 09.19.27 HDR

2016-05-19 09.40.14

The approach of the Wildcat Trail in Monument Valley:

2016-05-19 13.17.56

2016-05-19 13.45.13

2016-05-19 13.53.00 2016-05-19 14.08.43

2016-05-19 13.54.25

“Oh hello, I just poorly photoshopped this background into my self portrait.” Also, when you find a piece of desiccated tree trunk that perfectly simulates a tripod, you unabashedly use it to take solo jumping photos, duh.

2016-05-19 13.59.03 2016-05-19 14.19.29-2

From Monument Valley, I drove to Chinle, AZ to visit the Canyon de Chelly. While beautiful, it had some seriously negative energy. I couldn’t even bear to drive around the entirety of the South Rim of the canyon and instead continued on to New Mexico, spending the night at the very under the radar Joe Skeen Campground (and witnessing a most magnificent sunset along the way).

2016-05-19 17.55.10

2016-05-19 17.25.11

2016-05-19 20.13.03 2016-05-19 20.36.42

My full trip itinerary is documented here and my planning map is here.