2016 Recap

2015-11-26 08.37.40

2016 was such a pivotal year, full of growth and accomplishments. There were a lot of highlights over the past year, it’s tough to imagine how 2017 will be able to compare.

the best day ever, Jan 1st, spent in Big Sur (Andrew Molera loop hike, writing letters at Henry Miller Memorial Library, watching the sun set over the Pacific, Esalen night bathing)
trip to Tahoe where I went sledding, snow shoeing, and skiing all for the first time!
started going to Mission Cliffs with Erin (yoga, climbing, cardio, and strength)
Ashley’s first day (winter/spring intern)
Lina’s 2nd herniated disc

First cookbook club dinner
visited BAMPFA
impromptu Super Bowl party at our flat
went to Hawaii for a week with family
went rowing with Eric to the Bay Bridge
didn’t eat any sugar for the month

Trestle prix fixe dinner with the boys
ran my first 10K, fort to fort with Erin. 55:30
ran to Sausalito, took the ferry home
started working in Sausalito one day per week
extra quality Nik and Drew time before we moved apart

dinner with Uncle Mark and family, visiting SF
visit to LA with Tung, road trip! staying in Schindler house
climbed 2 10Ds in a row
first visit to Yosemite
rollerskating at the Church of Eight Wheels for Nik’s birthday
the most glorious weekend weather: lazing at the park, taco dinner with Alex’s friends, bike ride to GGP
first time climbing outdoors! Castle Rock with Doug and Maya
dealing with Steve, signing new lease

beautiful Cataract Falls-Potrero Meadow loop hike with Alex; Chabot Regional Park
Jacob May and wallpaper photoshoots
SFMOMA reopened
Giants game with Nik
Southwestern Road Trip + Ryan’s graduation
moving out Nik (and carrying 2 desks 10 blocks on a Friday night)
Arlo moving in!

hiked Mt. Tallac (Tahoe) and Cloud’s Rest (Yosemite)
launched wallpaper and Nomad tables at work
1/2 marathon training with Drew and Alex; run to Sausalito
the best weather, all month long
climbed an 11a

hiked Mt. Dana and summited Mt. Whitney
honey tasting at Nopa, Kay Sekimachi house and studio visit (lots of good off-sites)
birthday dinner! roll-your-own spring rolls and sushi
cookbook club and birthday flowers
camping trip to the Yuba River

climbed my first 11c! (indoors)
Nick’s surprise birthday dinner and 2 birthday cakes (black sesame seed with plum jam and eggplant polenta cake with orange frosting)
Ada started at Heath
ran a half marathon!
visit with Alex Morris
Bobby & Stephanie’s wedding

trip to Cayucos for Labor Day
“BBQ” for Labor Day at the house
guacamole party at Dr. Rick’s
road trip with Alex to Crater Lake, Portland, Yellowstone, Tetons, and Jackson
Angel Island hike with Maribel
design exchange with Jesse from Airbnb

week in LA with Drew – so much delicious food and museum-going
Halloween parties

Design Series 4 opening
labyrinth walk at Grace Cathedral
trip to Mississippi and Texas with Nik
newsstand as all-consuming life force!

trip to Sonoma and Port Costa
cookbook club finale of 2016! corn arancini
Lost Landscapes
neighbor progressive party, Eric’s dinner party, Haizlip’s Christmas party