Boiler Room

Boiler Room Identity & Exhibits

The Boiler Room on the Heath SF campus is an amazing raw space, anchored by 2 giant WW1 ship boilers. In 2014, the opportunity to showcase ceramicist Stan Bitters (who hadn’t shown his work publicly in over 35 years!) arose, and the Heath team worked to quickly transform the space. It is separate, but still part of Heath, which the mark exemplifies.

We’ve been able to use several gallery shows to further explore and refine the concept for the space, and what the ultimate experience of the Boiler Room will be. The 2014 Stan Bitters showcase and a Carla Fernández exhibit in 2015 have been key in furthering the identity of the space.


2014 – ongoing

Included Projects
  • Boiler Room mark
  • Stan Bitters Exhibit (identity, wayfinding, promo)
  • Carla Fernández Exhibit (mark and identity, wayfinding, promo)
  • Boiler Room website

Boiler Room Logo

Taking inspiration from the boilers that give name to the space, the word 'boiler' is set in a black bar for added weightiness, with smokestack rising above the I and LL.

Alabama on Alabama Exhibit and Show

A challenging but ultimately rewarding identity project, the Alabama on Alabama show brought together 4 unique artists, and was both an exhibit of one-of-a-kind work in the Boiler Room and commercial goods in the Heath showroom. The identity and type were crafted to blend together the many parts and pieces into a unified whole.

Stan Bitters Show

The first Boiler Room show, Stan Bitters: Modern Primitive was also the first opportunity to tackle the tricky entry into the gallery. The devised system is composed of large wooden panels that are hand-painted with gallery and show info, so that they can be used separately or together, depending on the needs.

Carla Fernández Exhibit and Atelier

Working again with Renee Zellweger of Summer School SF as curator, we were honored to showcase the work, craft, and skill of Carla Fernández through a month long exhibition, pop up shop, series of workshops and lecture.

Exhibit Postcards

To maintain the purity of the exhibit as envisioned by Carla and her team, we refrained from creating exhibit signage and instead developed a series of postcards to tell the process story. There are 4 postcards; each represents one of the geographical regions in Mexico that the exhibit is based around. The distinctive 4 colors for each region appear throughout the exhibit, most notably on the large display panels. The postcards were then installed in a grid on the entrance wall.

Boiler Room Website

As the physical experience of the Boiler Room was explored, so too was the digital. The goal of the site was to simply give a home to Boiler Room artists and work; a way to reach audiences beyond those who visit in person.

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