Heath Packaging

Heath Packaging

Heath’s (and my own) approach to packaging is very much an extension of the way they design, make and think about their products. Packaging isn’t a given — when possible, we try to get away with as little waste and excess as possible. When necessary, the packaging serves many functions, seeing the item safely through stocking, shipping, and receipt. We think about its lifecycle, and how it feels to be the person left with the packaging (ease of recycling and reuse are important). The material palette is consistent across products so that the packing systems can be modular and efficient. And it is appropriate to the product it protects; conveying its design, integrity, and quality through scale, material, and resource.


2014 – ongoing

Included Projects
  • Tile Sample Kits
  • Paper (Catalog) Bows
  • House/Heath Clock Box
  • Candleholder Box Set
  • Heath Flatware Packaging & Display
  • Kiln Shelf Tables Packaging

Tile Sample Kits

A comprehensive rethink of the packaging, presentation, and offering that encompasses tile samples at Heath.

Product Packaging

A range of packaging designed for products sold at Heath Ceramics. Some are part of the Heath ceramics line, some are collaborations with other manufacturers.


Akin to Heath's packaging philosophy, so the wrapping at the store is kept intentionally minimal. We achieve this through a carefully selected palette of items available for wrapping and through reusing old materials for packing fill and bows.

Catalog Bows

In an effort to divert out-of-print catalogs from the recycling bin, I proposed 2 paper bows (one origami style and the other as shown) that could be made by store staff as side work. They’ve been ‘in production’ for over a year now and are offered to customers as a simple way to dress up gift wrapping. I love seeing the variety of finished bows, from elegant white ones (dinnerware catalog) to bright and colorful (tile catalog).

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