Mini Brands

Mini Brands

A collection of the many sub brands and identities that I’ve created while at Heath.


2013 – ongoing

Included Projects
  • Heath Collective
  • Pin Pals
  • Heath 10
  • Friends of Heath
  • Mother’s Day Market
  • Tile Sample Sale
  • Holiday Gift Guide
  • Design in Time
  • Adopt, Shop, Love Locally
  • Dashi Katachi
  • Boiler Room and events
  • Heath Finds (coming soon)
  • Heath Holiday (coming soon)

Heath Collective

The Heath SF factory and showroom also houses studio spaces for a handful of inspiring artists. The premise for sharing space is to encourage exchange of ideas and inspiration; to give credence to this working philosophy, we coined the name 'Heath Collective' and created a postcard and signage system to highlight the range of artists.

Digital Campaigns

A collection of digital promo pieces for social media campaigns, in-store events, and other activities held at Heath.

Shows & Events

Between the 4 showrooms and Boiler Room gallery space, Heath hosts a fair amount of events. I work to develop a visual identity for the myriad of happenings that helps distinguish them all and convey the unique nature of each.

Footnote and attributions

The graphic for the ‘Under One Roof’ show (assorted black and white tools, shown at the top) was designed by Tung Chiang, the Studio Director at Heath. The ‘Pin Pals’ graphics were used on the Heath blog in a social media campaign that highlighted different artists and designers. I snapped the photo of flowers that forms the background of the ‘Mother’s Day Market’ graphic, of La Fleuriste’s beautiful blooms. Heath’s social media phenom Donna Suh took the product photos for the gift guide. Finally, the Dashi Katachi mark was created from elements that the team in Japan provided.

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