Heath Signage

Heath Signage

The building blocks of communication, signage at Heath takes many forms and serves many purposes. Whether temporary for an event or permanently installed for storytelling, I worked to create cohesion across all signage in Heath environments and prioritize clarity of communication.


2014 – ongoing

Included Projects
  • Sausalito Building Signage (coming soon)
  • San Francisco A-Frame
  • Heath Collective Directory Signage (coming soon)

Heath Sausalito Factory Signage

To complement the existing "vintage" Heath sign, I designed a simple sign amendment that would provide clarity and direction. The sign painting was handled by New Bohemia and masterfully devised and assembled by Jo Slota, Heath's Product Development Engineer.

Stan Bitters Show

The first Boiler Room show, Stan Bitters: Modern Primitive was also the first opportunity to tackle the tricky entry into the gallery. The devised system is composed of large wooden panels that are hand-painted with gallery and show info, so that they can be used separately or together, depending on the needs.

Carla Fernández Exhibit and Atelier

Working again with Renee Zellweger of Summer School SF as curator, we were honored to showcase the work, craft, and skill of Carla Fernández through a month long exhibition, pop up shop, series of workshops and lecture.

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