Heath Stationery

Heath Stationery

Though Heath has a long history of using postcards, for many years there was not a cohesive design language, style, or implementation. We devised a new, comprehensive postcard system that unifies the different communications through imagery, typography, and structure. The left color bands that distinguish the postcards are pulled from the mural wall that fills the new San Francisco factory; the cards work together to communicate many facets of the Heath experience.


2013 – ongoing

Included Projects
  • Postcard System Redesign
  • Registry Card and support materials
  • Letterpress Holiday Cards
  • Employee Birthday Card

Heath Postcards

Designed as a system to serve diverse communication needs, across several departments.
Color Palette

The color band on each postcard front works to tie together the disparate cards within one system, while each color distinguishes their varied content. The color palette refers back to the physical timeline installed in the Heath SF factory viewing court.

Heath Registry Card and Materials

Printed on kraft cardstock, the registry card fits in seamlessly to the Heath material palette, while still feeling refined enough for the occasion.

Heath Internal Holiday & Birthday Cards

Where experiments and cast offs find a home.

Heath Holiday Card

Each year, Heath letterpresses a new design for the company card, typically drawing inspiration from the shapes and forms that make up our everyday. The 2014 card tessellates the 4 vase silhouettes into a rose window of sorts. The familiar, made new.

Letterpress Tiles

On a whim, I reached out to SFCB to inquire about borrowing some wood type, for use on clay. They sounded a little skeptical but very graciously allowed me to come pick up the letters I wanted that same day. By the time I pressed the letters, the clay had dried out a bit too much and most impressions resulted in cracking. Nevertheless, it was a fun experiment.

Heath Letterhead and Style Guide

To accommodate Heath's Google Docs use, I created a letterhead template and basic style guide to help employees achieve a consistent and professional level of internal and external communication.

Company Letterhead

It may not look like much, but this is one my proudest accomplishments from 2014. Prior to this system, which I rolled out to the entire admin staff, there was no formal letterhead at Heath. Documents weren’t consistent and formatting was a foreign concept. The letterhead and accompanying style reference introduced a shared visual language that is slowly becoming comprehensible to the entire company, while exemplifying the long-held Heath beliefs of design and intention in all we do.

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