Heath10 in New York

Heath 10 in New York

To coincide with New York Design Week, Heath put together a small installation at The Future Perfect, celebrating the past 10 years.

The installation included 10 postcards marking significant moments in Heath’s history, arranged in a 10×10 grid. An 11th postcard looked to the future and asked attendees to share their interpretations of Heath. These were added to the postcard wall over the course of the display, resulting in a dynamic gradient.

To really drive home the 10 theme, we also installed a giant fabric banner with a ’10’ made out of Heath shapes (objects, logos, and showrooms).


May 2013

Included Projects
  • Exhibit Design
  • Postcard Wall
  • Heath 10 Mark


Designed with Heath's Clay Studio Director, Tung Chiang, the exhibit set out to display a current slice of Heath's work and process.

Postcard Design

We wanted to make a big impact despite limited time and budget. The solution was to print 10 postcards, each featuring a key moment in the company's history, and arranged in a 10x10 grid. It added color, encouraged engagement, and was a flexible display that gave us opportunity to focus on what is most important in the Heath story.

Heath 10 & Friends of Heath Marks

Crafting the number 10 from the objects and places that make up Heath was too fitting to avoid. This became the heart of the communications, as well as a key part of the exhibit itself, where we printed it on a 236' long fabric banner/tablecloth. The Friends of Heath identity was used after the event, in sharing the hand-drawn postcards from Heath's friends who joined in New York to celebrate.

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